I have been painting monsters since I was a kid. When I was 12, I began taking painting lessons with my Aunt, Frances Cullen Hurley. Aunt Fran had studied with the Ukrainian artist Robert Brackman, who also lived in Connecticut. His biggest claim to fame was creating the eponymous portrait for the 1948 Hollywood film, "Portrait of Jennie", starring Joseph Cotton and Jennifer Jones.


While studying painting at Uconn, I was introduced to the work of Hieronymus Bosch, and I fell in love with his sentient animals, miserable sinners, naked hedonists, and patchwork creatures.


My old college professor used to say, "The best thing about being an artist is, if you want something that you can't find anywhere else, you can make it yourself."


I wanted my own Hieronymus Bosch monsters.


I find a detail from a larger painting ("the Garden of Earthly Delights", for example) and paint my own, unique version of it.


As a Maine resident I thought I should include some local beasts, so they're here, too. I'm working on a weird Maine lobster. Stay tuned for updates.


All my paintings exist as individually hand painted shirts, and as digital prints. If you don't want to hang the art on yourself, you have the option of hanging it on the wall. No two shirts will be exactly alike; yours will be unique.





To visit my shop, go to: www.etsy.com/shop/ErroneousBoschArt