Programs and Workshops

Are you a school, library or museum who needs a performer? Do do you have an event for which you need a storyteller? Would you like some training to improve your writing or storytelling performances? Then I can provide a wide variety of programs or workshops for you. The following are examples of what I can offer (and check the audio and visuals samples of my storytelling on this page). I can also tailor an event for your specific needs - just let me know what you would like!



Feast of Fools - Mediaeval and Midwinter tales and ballads, plus some unusual historical facts about Yuletides past. A jolly good time!

Tales of Byzantium - Lynne recreates the 1000-year history of the Byzantine Empire (327-1453) in just 50 minutes!

Hopeful Monsters: Absurd and Comic Tales of Life Among the Naked Apes - In this extended 'stand-up comedy' style collection of stories, you will meet: a real-life Lois Lane; two cat burglars (one feline, one human); a junk food goddess; and more!

Strange Encounters - A collection of unusual folktales about fateful meetings with mysterious outsiders.

Here Be Dragons: Bellyflopping into the Unknown - Stories about what happens when people break the thin membrane that separates this world from….the next.

In A Pig's Eye: Our Strange Relationship with the Animal Kingdom - A collection of stories about our divided relationship with non-human animals; how we distance ourselves from animals even as we yearn to connect with them. An exploration of our tendency to pamper, torture, worship, kill, love and hate those not of our species.

The Voyage of Saint Brendan: An Irish Epic - A dramatic retelling of Saint Brendan's legendary voyage upon the Atlantic Ocean with several of his fellow monks. Taken from the 8th-century written account, the story encompasses Christian allegory, Homer's Odyssey, and plenty of devils and monsters!

The Shapeshifters' Party: Transgender Folktales from Around the World - It begins in 1980 on the backpackers' trail in Dublin. In an out-of-the-way art gallery, a mysterious artist called Tiresias takes you on a journey through folktales and myths of sexual transformation, from a frisky tree spirit in the jungles of Burma to the cross-gender tricks of the Norse god, Loki, to a shy Irishman who stumbles into Old Magic. Performed by Lynne Cullen, with an eclectic musical score arranged and played by guitarist Kurt Kish.

The King and The Corpse - A Journey of Adventure, Horror, and Enlightenment. Lynne Cullen tells a mysterious, darkly humorous, 1,000-year-old folktale from India, with a Bollywood-inspired musical score arranged and played on electric guitar by Kurt Kish.


The Adventures of Thor & Loki!

From the annals of Norse mythology come these exciting, hilarious stories about the original Odd Couple!

The forging of Mjolnir - As a practical joke, Loki cuts off the golden hair of Sif, Thor's wife. But when Thor threatens to pound Loki into paste unless he makes amends, Loki must use his considerable powers of persuasion to gain magical treasures from the Dwarves.

The theft of Mjolnir - Thor and Loki in drag! When an ambitious Giant holds Thor's hammer for ransom, Thor and Loki must travel to Jotunheim for a wedding: Thor's! And he's the bride!

Thor's journey to Utgard - One midsummer day, Thor and Loki set out from Asgard to kick some Frost Giant butt in Utgard. But will Thor's strength and Loki's guile be enough to best the slippery Chief of Utgard?

Performed by Lynne Cullen, with an eclectic musical score arranged and played by guitarist Kurt Kish.



A Guy Walks into A Bar: Making People Laugh
Bring comedy into your stories and improve the writing and performance of comic tales. In this workshop, Lynne will teach participants about the fundamentals of comedy: the bringback, the reversal, timing, tone, and more. Participants are asked to bring a story, an idea, or an anecdote (it doesn't have to be humorous) - not more than 5 minutes long - to work on. By the end of the workshop, participants will come away having learned how to enrich their telling using classic standup comedy techniques.

Telling with Words and Pictures
In this hands-on workshop, Lynne teaches how to retain the major elements of an oral story through exercises derived from the disciplines of graphic arts (visual memory) and drama to stimulate memory and creativity. Activities include storyboarding (breaking down the crucial elements of a story in 'comic book' panel form), acting exercises ('hitchhiker', story rounds, movement), and creative word games. By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to remember a story told to them, and tell it in their own way. This workshop can be crafted to suit children or adults.



The Amazing Life and Mysterious End of Ragana, Mistress of Illusion!

In 2007, I wrote and performed this one-act play as part of the Cassandra Project (Portland's festival of women performers) about the search for a mysterious female magician who shone brightly during the Roaring Twenties.

In 2010, I was awarded a Maine Arts Commission Good Idea Grant to rewrite this play, and transform it into a full-length show! I am working hard on the new "Ragana", which will receive a staged, dramatic reading by Acorn Productions ( in September, 2010. Stay tuned!


Frank's Hat: A Drama in One Act and Three Bars
Frank O'Connor's father has been dead for two months; all Frank has left are an empty house and his pop's hat. When the hat is stolen, Frank must travel to the worst part of town to get it back. In the course of a wild pub crawl, Frank contends with the city's nightcrawlers, barflies - and ghosts. Before the night is over, Frank will find a lot more than he bargained for.




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