Bull Feeney's Irish Pub/Restaurant, 375 Fore Street, Portland, Maine

In May 2006, I launched Seanachie Nights (Seanachie is the Celtic word for storyteller): a monthly series of musical storytelling performances from Celtic and British culture that introduces the old stories - with all their comedy, tragedy, and adventure - to an adult audience.


Seanachie Nights is usually held on every third Monday of the month. Admission: Free ($9 suggested donation). Email Lynne Cullen at thetwacorbies@yahoo.com or call 207-805-1062 for further details.



Special News and Events


Come to the Celtic Celebration in Belfast, Maine!


Mark your calendar now for the 2020 Maine Celtic Celebration on the weekend of July 17 - 19, 2020. On Saturday, July 18 at 12pm, Kurt Kish and I will be performing Irish stories and songs on the Steamboat Stage!


Come and see us, and enjoy a Celtic dog show, Highland Games, food and drink, and music, music, music, all held beside Belfast's beautiful harbor.



Check out this great video of Kurt Kish and me:


Teig O'Kane and the Corpse



On March 16, 2019, Kurt Kish and I told six Irish folktales-with-music at the Raymond Village Community Church.

My storytelling colleague Cheryl Andre was in the audience. Sherry is an artist with a unique and charming style. She made this delightful sketch of Kurt and me during the show, and I wanted to share it with you.





Seanachie Nights Events


Monday, March 9*, 7-9 PM

Bull Feeney's Irish Pub/Restaurant, 375 Fore Street, Portland, Maine

New Hampshire storyteller and wit, Andy Davis

*NOTE: This show will take place on the SECOND Monday instead of the third.



This time around, on his annual late winter visit to Seanachie Nights, Andy Ruadh Davis will tell a full set of Irish stories, tales from a dim, distant age when humans were greedy and warlike…

At the center of the evening will be a long melodious tale peopled with a big farmer and his progeny, a henwife, fifty cattle, a noble thief and a thieving noble, three witches, an enchanted bird, a one-eyed giant, several ravenous wolfhounds, and at least one ghost!

Andy spends the winter months practicing his stories to Canada Jays amid the rime ice of New Hampshire's White Mountains. He keeps the world safe for freethinkers, dissidents and change-makers as co-director of the World Fellowship Center, a peace and justice-oriented family camp and retreat center in the shadow of Mt. Chocorua.

For more information about Andy, please visit andydavisstoryteller.com.



Monday, April 20, 7-9 PM

Bull Feeney's Irish Pub/Restaurant, 375 Fore Street, Portland, Maine




Monday, May 18, 7-9 PM

Bull Feeney's Irish Pub/Restaurant, 375 Fore Street, Portland, Maine

Storyteller Lorraine Hartin-Gellardi



For every time and place there's a fairy tale. Join Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi for an evening of fairy tales from different cultures, different perspectives. On previous visits, Lorraine has told tales from Lithuania, Egypt, and Ireland. With traditional music on fiddle (Janet Lynch) and concertina (Lynne Cullen and Kurt Kish).

Lorraine has been sharing stories with all who will listen for over twenty years. Recently she has been traveling and telling tales at The Stone Soup Festival in South Carolina, the Connecticut Storytelling Festival, and the Granite State Story Swap, and is delighted to be back at Seanachie Nights to offer her renditions of her favorite wonder tales.

To hear Lorraine tell stories, please visit: http://www.lorrainetells.com/video-stories.shtml



Monday, June 15, 7-9 PM

Bull Feeney's Irish Pub/Restaurant, 375 Fore Street, Portland, Maine

Irish storyteller Jim Hawkins



Jim Hawkins will tell folktales from Ireland. His performance here in 2016, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising, was powerful and moving.

Jim Hawkins' storytelling journey began in the 'Midlands of Ireland' (County Westmeath). As a child he saw the power of story to bring joy to people's lives. As a member of the Irish Art Center in New York City, Jim was part of a production entitled 'Siamsa' ('gathering') - it told the history, struggles and triumphs of the Irish people through music, song, dance, poetry, and storytelling.

For more information about Jim Hawkins, please visit jimhawkinsirishstory.com



Monday, July 20, 7-9 PM

Bull Feeney's Irish Pub/Restaurant, 375 Fore Street, Portland, Maine




Monday, August 17, 7-9 PM

Bull Feeney's Irish Pub/Restaurant, 375 Fore Street, Portland, Maine

British storyteller Simon Brooks



Seanachie Nights welcomes the return of British Storyteller Simon Brooks telling even more wild and woolly folktales!

In a world where bees bargain, eagles fear flying, and losing a ball will get you hanged, one man rises above the fray to bring a little fun and fantasy to hard-boiled reality. A selection of tales from the World of Stories will be brought to life by Simon's character voices and sound effects during his lively telling.

Simon grew up near Wales. He visited giants' causeways, and seats where the giants sat in proud ownership of the land around them; he walked among the stones that built castles around the time of King Arthur. He has stood under the boughs of the Great Oak of Sherwood Forest, and waded into caves on the coast where Merlin was supposed to have lived.

Simon's work as a storyteller and voice actor has won honors from Storytelling World and Parent's Choice, including the latter's prestigious Gold Award for his storytelling CDs.

For more information about Simon, and links, please visit www.diamondscree.com